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  1. Good morning

    My name is Suuchi and my query is regarding my 3 years old daughter. Can I be please guided on how to enroll her in your preschool.

    Thank You

  2. Hello, I’m 17 ,18 on February 11th and interested in working in a nursery. I’m very hardworking and self motivated. I was wondering if you had any vaccines available.If you could please get back to me that would be really appreciated.
    Phone: 07311 119215

  3. Hello,
    Hope you are doing well…
    This is regarding my daughter’s admission. She is due to get admission in Reception this Sept 2021. We are in London at present and shifting to Coventry (CV3) in April. Just wanted to check the possibility if she doesn’t get admission in nearby primary schools can she be accommodated in Chylesmore Preschool…
    Your input will be highly appreciated.
    Thank and Regards
    Disha Rawat

  4. It is best to email or call from the details on our website. Any problems let me know.

  5. Sorry we are late in replying. The system doesn’t email us when we get a message. Anything we can do to help?

  6. Hi Sharon, Please contact Pre-school directly from the details on our website.

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