What we offer at our music school

We offer both group and private music lessons for all who are passionate about learning more music. Whether your goals are to have fun, to join a band or to get your grades. Our experienced music tutors are up for the task. We have a variety of lesson packages for you.

Private Music Lessons:

  • Guitar
  • Vocals
  • Keys/Piano
  • Drums

10-week Group Courses:

  • Kids Music Courses (KEYS/DRUMS/VOCALS/GUITAR)
  • Adult Music Courses (KEYS/DRUMS/VOCALS/GUITAR)

Interested? Don’t hesitate to sign up or register now in the link below.

Beneficial benefits of learning music for children

Did you know introducing music education benefits your child’s development? Here are a few:

  • Improve brain power and memory functions
  • Developing socials skills 
  • Developing patience 
  • Great form of expression 
  • Developing discipline
  • Relieving stress
  • Developing creativity

Did you know music is beneficial to academic success?

Although some believe that music isn’t as important as the core academic subjects, research has shown that the benefits of music education include students’ academic success. These Include: 

  • Language skills
  • Build confidence & self-esteem
  • Listening skills
  • Math skills
  • Making the brain work harder
  • Helping special needs children
  • Higher graduation rates

Music education is highly beneficial and so should be an integral part of every youngsters and students’ lives, whether inside or outside of school.

Choose a package/course that works for you

Private Music Lessons (£30 = 60 minutes)

  • BRONZE PACKAGE – £120 monthly for 4 lessons (60 minutes)
  • GOLD PACKAGE – £360 per term for 12 lessons (60 minutes)
  • RUBY PACKAGE – £1170 per school year for 39 lessons (60 minutes)

10-Week Music Courses

  • Kids Music Courses (KEYS/DRUMS/VOCALS/GUITAR) – £99 for 10 lessons (60 minutes)
  • Adult Music Courses (KEYS/DRUMS/VOCALS/GUITAR) – £99 for 10 lessons (60 minutes)

Teaching slots are still available (limited)

We want to invite you all to join the our music family. For any questions please email or contact Stephen here below. 

Contact us

  • Email: musicschool@cheylesmorecentre.co.uk
  • Mobile: +447598 697 565
  • Location: Cheylesmore Community Centre, Poitier Road, CV3 5JX, Coventry, England
  • If you wish to sign up or register CLICK HERE