Explore the vibrant world of watercolour art in our inclusive workshop designed for all skill levels. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced artist, join our community to immerse yourself in the beauty of watercolour techniques. Unleash your creativity and connect with fellow art enthusiasts as you embark on an inspiring journey of self-expression through the captivating medium of watercolours. Engage in a supportive and encouraging environment that fosters artistic growth, and let the strokes of your imagination come to life. Join us in this vibrant space where everyone is welcome to learn, create, and share the joy of watercolour art.

General information

  • Next workshop
    • Tuesday 28th May 2024
    • 12.00-15.00
  • Price:
    • TBC
  • Contact Person: Purnima
  • Email: ppanchal389@gmail.com 
  • Telephone: 07703619304