An exciting opportunity for Cheylesmore and its residents, there is going to be a Participatory Budgeting Event held on July 18th  at Christ Church, this will enable local groups and residents from Cheylesmore to bid for funds from the remaining 106 Section (Asda) money.

We want to make sure that the community gets the maximum benefit by getting as many representatives from the community to help in planning the process. A planning meeting is going to be held on: Thursday, May 21st from 6.30pm to 8.30pm, at Cheylesmore Community Centre.

The planning session will cover areas such as agreeing the criteria for bid submissions – upper and lower limits, if groups can submit multiple bids, if there will be an age restriction on bidders, how successful projects will be monitored etc. All these details will be agreed by the Planning Group that is why we want the Planning Group to be as inclusive as possible.

There have already been a couple of meetings but it’s not too late to get involved. If you want to find out more of the background and also more information on what is Participatory Budgeting then come along to the Community Centre from 5.30pm on May 21st and Susan Ritchie from Mutual Gain will be there to answer any questions in advance of the Planning Meeting at 6.30pm.

We want this event to be as successful as possible and this can only happen if we get as many representatives of the community involved. If you are able to attend please contact Kristi Larsen, Insight, Coventry City Council on 02476831282 or

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