Dear Resident,

We’re asking members of public to be vigilant to distraction thefts after reports of mobile phones being stolen across the city.

Opportunist thieves are approaching people while they’re sat down drinking or eating and trying to sell them cards or ask for directions. We believe this is merely a distraction technique, and the offenders are placing cards on top of mobile phones left on tables − then when the unsuspecting owner refuses to buy a card the offender removes them along with the phone.

This is just one technique we believe these callous thieves are using to take advantage of unsuspecting people. In the past we’ve also seen examples where someone has placed a large map on a table pretending to be lost and asking for directions as another distraction tactic.

Where possible we advise people to keep their phone and other valuables out of sight in public areas. If you are approached by someone behaving in a manner that you feel is in an attempt to distract you, please alert staff and contact us.

Thank you


Coventry Police

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