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Another great day for the club. This is the third tournament the new squad of fighters have gone to over the last 6 months and they are all starting to find out what it takes to become a great champion.

A full list of junior fighters and all the medal winners below. I was refereeing all day so I did not get to see everyone fight!


A big thank you to Jory, Lorraine and Jas for preparing the fighters and looking after them on the day. It was very difficult as we had fighters on 5 out of the 6 areas being used.

It was great to see all the fighters, Instructors & most of the parents in their new Black Sun T-Shirts. A lot of the other club instructors commented on how successful the club was, just by all the t-shirts that were shouting for our fighters.

It was also great to see so many parents make the trip up to Barnsley to support their children! Without them fully on board to what we are trying to achieve with the fighters, we would struggle to move forward.


More Photo’s to follow of whole squad!


LEWIS BOOTH                          3rd round individuals and silver in the team after having to fight 4 rounds.

ADAM GILES                              Silver in the individuals. Fought some good fighters and 2nd round in the                                                             team.

SHEA BRACKEN                       Fought great 3rd round in the team and 1st round individuals.

PAUL BRACKEN                       Very unlucky 2nd round individuals. A very excellent performance for a silver                                                         in the team.

AARON POWNER                     3rd round in the team. Gold in the individuals.

JACK POWNER                         Silver in the team. 1st round in the individuals.

CAVAN HORRILLO                    Did not let his team down and fought a great fight in the team against a much                                            bigger lad.

JAMIE FARREL                           2nd round in team 1st round individuals. Threw everything but the kitchen                                                            sink. Just got to work distance and target.

CHRISTIE HORRILLO              2nd round team 1st round individuals. Fought much better than last time                                                             out. Listened, was just unlucky.

NIAMH COSGROVE                  1st round. Fought her heart out scored a great take down, just hesitated                                                                on the last point.

CONNOR HART                         Silver in team and a bronze in individuals. Fought very well.

RYLAN SANDERS-MYLES       Silver in team. 1st round individuals.

ARIHAN METALIA                       Silver in team and silver in individuals. Fought a huge kid in the final. Got to                                                          start working with seniors

PATRICK GJONI                        1st round. Great first time effort. Big things a head for this man.


Message from Jory, Head Squad Coach: Great day. The squad did not let us down and the t shirts really did make us stand out and the badge by far the best badge. Roll on the next one.


Well done to everyone at the Black Sun KC. It is a tough road to the top in any sport! And the fight game will always be the hardest of them all. I am very proud of all our new warriors.


Sensie Andy

Shindo Kai Jnr Champ's 14

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